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Ture Sjolander <> Fri, Jan 19, 2007 at 1:22 AM
Dear Dean Sir Professor Robert,
Its not my business, but I think it would be a great improvisation during the next Biennale to invite the guys who is inventing the new TV experiments, named "Joost", to make a test case and broadcast experiment on site. Check it up. The background story is Skype and your venue at the Venice Biennale is a great combination, for both parties. Don't you think ?
I enclose a comment I did on their web forum. They where using the name The Venice Project, before they got the name Joost.
An installation at the Venice Biennale I believe would be successful for all. Mediawise its perfect - Artwise even better...
All the best
Ture Sjolander <>  
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